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Blade of Wrath Quest

Go to palace librarian which is in the middle of Djeir. Say "metalwork", she gives you a book, go out to the blacksmith which is Jojon where you purchase two djeirian weapons ... don't purchase them just directions to him. Give the book to him. He will give you a Blade of Wrath. Take the blade and go to the slums of Djeir, which is on the east side, there you will find Irda, give her the Blade of Wrath, she follows you, then take her w w n n n in n, something like that, where you will find Santini, he will give you a scroll, take that to the librarian. Now, here is where it gets tricky, for which task you wish to do. Say "gold" which gives you 1000 gold or, continue more into the quest. If you say Archives, you will be taken to a room, inwhich there is a book. Get the book. Take the book to Nerij, then he gives you a note. Take it to his daughter which should be around there somewhere, then take her to the sculpture he works on a statue and gives it to you, then go back to the palace, to the gallery give the statue to the head of the gallery and you got 1k gold.

Submitted by: Valin Reward: Experience Gold

Maid Quest

Go IN from nw of the librarian go up out se, slap the maid, then go back to the center, then go east till you find a down exit, go down and find the head of the servants which you will recieve 100 gold for waking her up.

Submitted by: Valin Reward: Gold

Steel Egg

Swim out into the Black Lake. There's an exit leading down - take that exit. Go south twice, then in, pet the serpent, go south, get the egg, go north, and out again. Take the egg to Salinas, and he'll make you a Moreith. This WILL result in you being enemied to the ruling house of Djeir.

Submitted by: Avian Reward: Experience

Ruby Quest

This quest requires that you have done the steel egg quest once. At least I think it does. Go to the catacombs and find the key there. Go to the Laryas mansion. Upstairs, there should be a portrait. Stand in front of it and say 'Estyari Laryas.' You will be put into a secret room. Get the bag from the chest using the key and take it to Santini for 100 gold.

Submitted by: Avian Reward: Experience Gold

Letter Quest

Go to the catacombs, and when the man asks you for a password, say 'I serve the amethyst empress.' Greet the man and get the letter. Take it to Osori. She'll give you 100 gold and a shawl. Take the shawl back to the man for another 250 gold.

Submitted by: Avian Reward: Experience Gold

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