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The Pixie Slaying Quest

The Imp Lord wishes you to kill the pixies for him in vengeance for the Pixie Queen rejecting his advances. When you see a pixie, kill it and take the corpses to the Imp Lord. He will give you 25 gold for each pixie and you will gain a small amount of experience as well.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Imp Slaying Quest

The Pixie Queen wishes you to kill the imps as their Lord has been killing her people since she rejected his advances. Kill the imps and take their corpses back to the Pixie Queen. She will give you 25 gold for each imp as well as a small amount of experience.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

Firesprites quest

Go into the the kobold are and find the firesprites deep in the southern area. Kill them and take them to the kobold merchant near the entrance to the caves. He will give you crates of rations for them. Take the crates to the Armsmaster of the pixies. (will only work if you have a positive alignment)

Submitted by: Zena Reward: Experience

The Armsmaster Quest

The Pixie Armsmaster is searching for stolen crates of supplies. TheKobold trader has them, kill him and take thme to the Pixie for some experience.

Submitted by: Sarkis Reward: Experience

Bat Quest

Kill the warbats in Minia near the tower, go to Lodi and give them to the dwarf in the mine that takes the Lodi bats.

Submitted by: Arynn Reward: Experience

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