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The Iron Ore Quest

Sethrin, the iron ore merchant is desperately awaiting delivery of a crate of ore. Enter the Valley of Lodi and go to the mines in the north western section. Just as you enter you will see a crate of ore lying on the ground. This must be what Sethrin wants! Pick the crate up. Now take this to Sethrin, who is just outside of the island of Delos. He will give you 100 gold for delivering his much needed ore.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Gold

The Cave Bat Quest

Dorven, the fat foreman of the mine dislikes the cave bats which infest the mine. Walk around the mines and kill any bats you see then pick up the corpses and take them to Dorven. He will give you 20 gold for each bat corpse you give him.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Water Quest

Sleff, the lazy miner in the south-south eastern part of the mines wants a drink of water - but he is too lazy to get it himself and requires yuor aid. When you first enter the mines, you see a barrel of water. This must be where you full up the flask, where is the flask though? Go down and you will see a flask lying there. Pick it up and go back up to the water barrel. Fill up the flask and take it down to Sleff.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

The Pick Quest

Kortine, the pretty dwarf miner has lost her pick in the mines. Go and Go and find her pick, then take it and give it to Kortine.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

The Shears Quest

Sinoi, the weaver keeps losing her shears and needs you to find them for her. When you do, pick them up and take them to Sinoi. Give the shears to her and she will give you 25 gold for finding them.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Weasel Quest

Fergil, the goose rancher has weasels attacking his farm all the time and he needs your aid in getting rid of them. Kill any weasels you see around his ranch. Pick up their corpses and give them to Fergil.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Wild Cat Quest

Blaan, the hermit troll has wildcats which constantly attack his farm animals. He cannot kill them all himself and so he enlists your aid. The The northern part of Lodi is his farm, this is where the wildcats are. Kill any wildcats you see. Then pick up the wildcats and take them to Blaan. He will give you 50 gold for each corpse you give him.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Non-Voter Quest

Mayor Durnun is looking for the person who did not vote for him in the last election. He wants your help in trying to find this person and asks you to bring him a piece of parchment. Walk around Gorshire and it is located somewhere there. Then pick up the parchment and take it back to Mayor Durnun. He then draws a picture of the non-voter on it. Take it to Chief Constable Beck and give him the parchment so he can apprehend the non-voter.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

The Pig Quest

Braan (I believe Blaan's brother, or some other relative) gives you 25 gold for each guard pig corpse, and 50 gold for the pet pot-bellied pig.

Submitted by: Xarles Reward: Experience Gold

Blaan's Quests

If you go to Blaan's farm in the north and into his farm house greet him. He will give the quests: A) Find corpes of his sheep. (you can kill them and bring them to him. He will still pay you for them, but if you are a follower of the light (ex. A Paladin) DO NOT KILL THEM(!) as it is an act of evil to do so (You can still find them on the ground and take them to him for burial.) B) Seek out and kill the wildcats that have been killing his sheep. Once you greet him, he will give you one of these quests. Keep greeting him until he gives you the other.

Submitted by: Tacyon Reward: Experience Gold

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