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Stones quest

Find coloured stones on the ground and give them to the children in the village to play with them. You will get a bit of experience for that.

Submitted by: Sarkis Reward: Experience

Sands quest

Gather the sands (both black and white) from Pachacacha and Urubamba (3 black and 3 white in total) - the same used for landmarking and give them to Cuaor for 50 gold each.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Gold

Pouch quest

In a hidden area (secret exit NE from a crossroad) you'll find Voryar the gardener with a pouch on the ground. If you say "pouch" he will explan that he changed by accident Ojegh's pouch with one from a random villager. (which he will mention). Go to that SPECIFIC guy and give him the pouch, he will in exchange give you Ojegh's pouch, return that one to him to finally complete the quest.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

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