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Gilded Rose Inn

The Pumpkin Pie Quest

Pick up the pumpkin from the little garden in the Gilded Rose Inn and bring it to Aibril, the innkeeper's wife. She will give you a pumpkin pie in return, which you can give to Gustus, the innkeeper.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

The Paper Bird Quest

Up in the Gilded Rose Inn, two boys are playing, but one of them has thrown a paper bird out of the window. Look for it in Northern Ithmia and bring it back to Rovy.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

The Flower Quest

Kentar, the guard of the Gilded Rose Inn, is looking for a gift to his love Chrysalin. Travel to the Ramajala village Saluria and get a chrysanthemum flower from there. Head to el'Jazira, buy a vase from Gazban there and return to the inn. Give both flower and vase to Kentar and he will reward you with 750 gold sovereigns. He will also ask you to deliver the vase and a note of him to Chrysalin.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

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