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Glomshaul Quest

Find the red mallet in the western portion of upper Azdun. Go to the mirrors, break the mirror, and say 'Glomshaul'.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

Panpipes Quest

Kill the hill giant on the second level of Azdun (in the northeast forest). Get the pan flutes. Go to the Unicorn Bridge and give Faun the panpipes.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

Spider Queen Forgiveness

If you get the silver key in azdun and use it to unlock a chest in lower azdun. Then take the idol from the chest. Then go into the Black Keep on Upper Azdun. and give the idol to Llazuth, the Spider Queen. She will forgive your enemy status.

Submitted by: Theodast Reward: -

Metacure quest

In the Underground Forest, there is a tall ladder and a golden sickle. You need those two things. The sickle is in the faerie village, it's hidden just south of where Faun is usually. When you have those two things, you have to wait for midnight. Be underneath the Sacred Oak at midnight with those two things, and harvest the mistletoe. When you get the mistletoe, go just northish of there and read the parchment. It will tell you in what order you need to do things: FILL the CAULDRON WITH WATER, PUT the MISTLETOE IN the CAULDRON and then LIGHT the FIRE. You'll get the metacure.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: -

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