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Beaches of Liris

Seafood Quest

Kill crabs, snails, starfish, fish, anytihng vaguely seafoodish, give it to Purlau and he'll pay you a little gold in return. He is in a small cavern south of where a group of grook scholars mills about. The Cavern is in the Southeastern part of the beach. Here is a yet to be finished price guide for each animal you sell: | Red and Yellow Starfish - 15 gold | Large Crab - 15 gold | Small Crab - 10 gold | Fish (Breem) - 25 gold | Huge Crab - 50 gold Also, there are Snails, but I didn't get that information recorded. I wonder if other seafood will fetch money, as well...

Submitted by: Sarkis Reward: Gold

Seashell quest

Search the beach for the pink seashell. Give it to the gargantuan crab and you get some xp.

Submitted by: Broly Reward: Experience

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