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Dolbodi campsite

Jerik's quest

Kill inhabitants of the Dolbodi campsite (lumberjacks, foremen, hunters, foragers) and give them to Jerik, the Duiran ranger. He'll give you 40 gold for each.

Submitted by: Broly Reward: Experience Gold

Axe quest

Look for a sharp lode axe around the campsite. Take it to Jerik, he will give you 500 gold. You can give it to the big lumberjack in the camp as well for 300 gold but he becomes agressive after that (he also tracks and hurts quite a bit).

Submitted by: Broly Reward: Experience Gold

Berry Quest

Find the empty basket and give it to Perrine, the forager. She's on the island south of the camp itself. You can give the berries to Hrungwil or to Jerik. You can also just kill her to get the berries.

Submitted by: Yreogh Reward: Experience

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