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The Ore Quest

In the Siroccians look for the 5 ores: the gold nugget, the hematite ore of iron, the silver ore, the piece of coal and the mithril. Take them all to Debuur the Jeweler in Enorian who will give you a torc. Wear it for a nice boost to your mana and/or take it to Hycanthus (you can find him in Vashnars) who will give you 2000 gold for it. You can give the ores also to Listar, the Blacksmith of Ashtan, who will make you a strong precious shield. When you hand the ores to the goblin smith in upper Azdun, he will forge a special helm, enabling you to listen telepathically to all tells of those who are in the same room with you.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Chest Quest

Find the Brass Key in one of the secret caves in the Sirrocians, then get a shovel from Rurin's store in Ashtan. Dig all around the Siroccian Mountains for the chest... the chest is in a random location each time the quest resets. Once you dig up the chest, unlock it with the key and take from it a "bejeweled battleaxe". Give it to Tordahl, who is around the area Southwestways from Iron Hill for 5000 gold.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience Gold

The Treesnake Quest

Scattered around the Sirrocian Mountains are four treesnakes. Slay them, which can be a pain considering they run after each hit, and 50% of their attacks use voyria (make sure you have immunity). After getting the four treesnakes, go to the Gypsy westish from Delos and give her the treesnakes. She will fashion you a snakeskin cloak, which enables you to FLY and LAND like an Atavian. It lasts about an aetolian day or two. Also, sip levitation beforehand, watching your cloak decay while flying tends to make you break your legs afterwards.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: -

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