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The Hair Quest

Arqi, the wig-maker, will pay you 30 gold sovereigns for each strand of hair you give to him. Strands of hair can be found all over Aetolia.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Gold

Gryphon Quest

Go to Eastern Ithmia and pick up one of the walnuts, then search out that annoying squirrel - it can take some time but you have to find it. Give it the walnut and it will drop an acorn (if it doesn't someone's given it a walnut recently). Then go to the Dryad Gardens by reading the cairn stones in the right order, etc, and then go find Titania. Give her the acorn and she'll give you a birdcage. Now you have to to and catch the three hummingbirds. There's one in Dun Valley (on Aetolia it's in Haern's temple), one in the Aalen, and one on Ulangi. When you find one you drop the birdcage and say "Ornathan" and the bird will fly in. Then, once you've got all three hummingbirds go to the beast dude in Eleusis (I forget his name) and give him the cage, and you get the gryphon!

Update: You can give it to a chipmunk or just kill it if you're feeling mean. The dude's name is Cwincan..stoopid guy, wandering all over Eleusis makes him hard to find sometimes.

Submitted by: Indiana Reward: Experience

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