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Posted: 10 Aug 2006 20:48     Subject: DefChecker
First alias is in your default group.

#groupon defcheck
#set defMorph 0
<basically here you have #set all your def variables to zero>
#wait 2000
#groupoff defcheck

The rest is going to be in your defcheck group.

{<}A {w} spirit co-habits your body.{>}
#set defMorph 1

<do this for the rest of your defences>

{<}You are protected by {d} defences.{>}
#wait 100
#echo RANK     MISSING DEFENCES                      SYNTAX
#if $defDeathsight = 0 #echo LowDef:  Deathsight                    [ deathsight ]
#if $defFrost = 0 #echo MidDef:  Frost                   [ SFR | TEMPERANCE ]
#if $defAura = 0 #echo HighDef: AURA                                  [ PS ]
<it's the same if statement for each, you'll have to prioritize and put in the syntax yourself>
#groupoff defcheck
#send >>

Anyway, every time you hit def, it'll print out your missing defences.

It looks like this.

H:4151 M:3860 E:20000 W:100% B:100% [csdbf eb]
[ H:0 | M:0 | VIT | STF ] [ ELX | MOS | TRE ] < --- >def
You are blind.
You are deaf.
Your skin is toughened.
You are resisting magical damage.
Your vision is heightened to see in the dark.
You are utilising your bodily control to make yourself more fit.
You have insomnia, and cannot easily go to sleep.
You are feeling quite selfish.
You are tempered against fire damage.
You will call upon your fortitude in need.
You have a great affinity with your spirit form.
Your mind has been touched by the essence of the Under King.
Your resistance to damage by poison has been increased.
You are aiming your attacks to the torso.
You will attempt to parry attacks to your head.
Your mind is filled with clarity.
You are protected from the fangs of serpents.
A wyvern spirit co-habits your body.
You have summoned white fire.
Your senses are magically heightened.
You are surrounded by a cloak of protection.
You are flailing a wielded quarterstaff.
You are protected by 22 defences.
H:4151 M:3860 E:20000 W:100% B:100% [csdbf eb]
[ H:0 | M:0 | VIT | STF ] [ ELX | MOS | TRE ] < --- >

RANK     MISSING DEFENCES                      SYNTAX
LowDef:  Mount                                [ rem ]
MidDef:  Caloric                               [ AC ]
MidDef:  Mass                                [ AMAS ]
HighDef: LEVITATION                           [ SLE ]
HighDef: BLINDNESS                            [ EBA ]
HighDef: SPEED                                [ SSP ]
HighDef: KOLA                                 [ EKO ]
HighDef: AURA                                  [ PS ]

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Posted: 10 Aug 2006 20:54     Subject:

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Posted: 11 Aug 2006 00:13     Subject:
...ugh.  I could use that.  But I think I'm just going to give in and build a defence tracker into my combat system instead.
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